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The SAGMJ elects new Executive Committee

At the recent AGM of the SAGMJ (South African Guild of Mobility Journalists) that took place on the 25th of June, a new Executive Committee (EXCO) was elected to represent the Guild for the next two years.

Dirk Gallowitz, who served on the EXCO for six years and was the Vice Chairperson for the past two years, has been voted the new Chairperson, replacing Carl Wepener. An outgoing Chairperson who completes his term becomes the President of the SAGMJ until the sitting Chairperson completes his/her term.

Other changes to the EXCO are Mabuyane (Kekana) Mabuza, who served on the EXCO until 2018, who was elected as the new Honorary Secretary, replacing Graham Eagle, who now becomes Interim Vice Chairperson. Azim Omar returns to the position of Treasurer. As a consulting partner at Ernst & Young, we are privileged to have Azim serve on our EXCO.

“It is great to hand over to a new team who will take forward the important work done over the past two years. I want to thank the EXCO, Committees and members of the Guild who dedicated their time during my tenure as Chairperson who implemented new strategies, campaigns and programmes,” says Wepener, the new President of the SAGMJ.

“It is an honour to take over from Carl and build on the Guild’s success during his tenure. It will be easy for the new EXCO members to slot in with the current team who has been working extremely hard to achieve the vision of the Guild,” says Gallowitz.

“I plan to work on specific goals for the Guild’s future. To continue rebuilding and re-affirming our relationships within the industry, to register the Guild as a professional organisation/body focussing on training and to continue to create more benefits for our members,” outlined Gallowitz.

“We are committed to our welfare-centric approach, assisting our members in attaining professional excellence, and being a valued, professional Guild for automotive content creators today and in the future,” concludes Gallowitz.

We congratulate all our elected officials and offer them our support as we continue building the Guild’s legacy.